Founded in 1999, by Ted Bahr and Alan Zeichick, BZ Media LLC is a privately held, high-tech media company based on Long Island’s beautiful North Shore.

For most of it’s history, BZ Media’s flagship product was Software Development Times, which was the first and only newspaper for the software development industry. SD Times launched in February 2000, and published 338 issues through June 2017. SD Times was sold to D2 Emerge, a company formed by former BZ Media VP of Sales David Lyman and VP Editorial, Dave Rubinstein, in July 2017.

BZ Media began producing technical conferences and trade shows in 2004 and in 2008 sold its successful Software Test & Performance franchise to Redwood Collaborative Media. In 2014, BZ Media produced 7 events, including the largest Android developer, Wearables technology, and independent SharePoint conferences in North America.

In 2015, BZ Media launched InterDrone for the commercial UAV market and this show quickly became the leader in a competitive growing field. InterDrone made the 2016 Trade Show Week “Fastest Fifty” list, of the 50 fastest growing trade shows in the U.S. in 2016. The show was sold in March 2017 to Emerald Expositions although the September 2017 event was still managed by BZ Media.

Remaining assets of BZ Media are in the process of being sold.

A portion of a memo to employees, by CEO Ted Bahr:

“It’s been a terrific 17 years and we survived the Tech Downtown of 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008. We have successfully produced a print publication – our flagship, SD Times – many years after all of our competitors have folded. The quality of the original reporting, the covers, the opinions have been helping thousands of development managers to reflect upon and ultimately to steer the world of Software Development - and never EVER did we ship an issue late to the printer.

We’ve started dozens of products and produced more than 50 conferences where we educated tens of thousands of high tech professionals, provided an environment where hundreds of vendors could reach their buyers, and even provided a few thousand free beers and cups of coffee - all with the utmost competence, care, and quality of offering. I cannot recall us ever hosting an event without multiple comments praising the dedication of event team and the overall professionalism of BZ Media.

The company has hired and nurtured nearly 100 people over the years, providing jobs and new skills while generating more than $30 million in incomes. BZ Media paid nearly $2 million in healthcare premiums and more than $2.5 million in payroll and social security taxes – all of this came from nothing. We paid all our bills on time and were never sued. It was a goal from the beginning to treat people well and with respect and to become every vendor’s favorite customer as well as every customer’s favorite vendor and I daresay in most cases achieved it.

It was particularly rewarding to provide many peoples’ first job with the knowledge that being at a small company like BZ Media was going to mean you were going to be handed lots of responsibility and different things to do. We focused on the job at hand and got it done without a lot of office politics or fanfare. It was – and will be for a while longer – a good place to work. It’s been a great ride and while it will be ending, you will all be well-equipped for your next great adventure!”