Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is taking organizations by storm!

Initially deployed as a collaborative intranet portal server, SharePoint is now at the center of enterprise computing. From business process management to compliance, from intranets to extranets to public-facing websites, SharePoint helps developers build business solutions more quickly than ever, and allows IT professionals to set up document searching, sharing, collaboration, customization and more.

But SharePoint Server is just the beginning. Developers and IT professionals use plug-ins to add new functionality, and to deploy horizontal and vertical apps that ISVs have created on top of SharePoint. Third-party hosts provide new service options, while integrators make deployments fast and cost-effective.

The need for information on how to master and maximize SharePoint is intense. And that’s why BZ Media produces the leading newsletter and independent technical conferences on SharePoint in the world!

SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference

SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference is a three-day technical conference plus a one-day set of in-depth workshops on everything SharePoint! IT professionals seeking to leverage SharePoint for document management, business process management, corporate compliance, and a host of other things, learn best practices for managing a SharePoint environment and tapping into the full power of the software. Developers get a deep dive into the architecture, and learn about more powerful SharePoint features such as the Client ObjectModel, integration with Visual Studio 2010, and Business Connectivity Services, as well as learning how to create applications for SharePoint that solve real business problems.

SharePoint TechCon

Finally, business analysts and power users learn how SharePoint can bring great efficiencies to their business, through the creation of line-of-business applications such as those used in human resources and order entry departments.

SPTechCon features a heavy slate of classes geared to helping business analysts and untitled SharePoint gurus understand and take advantage of SharePoint, from business intelligence tools and reporting to project management and much more.

Each year, the two SPTechCon events (San Francisco and Boston) attract more than 2,500 attendees and more than 90 exhibitors.

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