BZ Media’s principal, Ted Bahr, is available for consulting projects in the following areas:
  • Business-to-Business Magazine Development
  • Trade Show and Conference Development
  • Media and Trade Show Sales Development and Training
  • Exit Strategies
  • Researching and Preparing “Black Book” Offerings
  • HR and People Structure Analysis

Ted Bahr - Experience



Ted Bahr has a broad range of experience in sales and marketing, management, M & A operations and people management.


Business-to-Business Magazine Development


Ted has worked on many launches at Ziff-Davis, Miller Freeman, and his own company BZ Media including:


PC Tech Journal

Database Programming and Design

Embedded Systems Programming

Design Automation

Communication Systems Design

OS/2 Magazine

AutoCAD Tech Journal

3D Design

Multimedia System Design

SD Times

Eclipse Review

Software Test & Performance

Systems Management News



Trade Show and Conference Development


Ted has launched, grown, acquired, sold and repositioned dozens of conferences and trade shows including:


Embedded Systems Conference (1989 launch – still going)

PCB Design West (1992 launch – still going)

Autodesk University (1993 launch – still going)


Analog Design Conference


PC Expo

Embedded Systems Design Conference

Software Test & Performance Conference


Enterprise Software Development Conference

SharePoint Technology Conference

IPhone Developer Conference

Software Security Summit



Wearables TechCon

Cloud DevCon

SharePoint Developer Days


Drone Dealer Expo



Media and Trade Show Sales Development and Training


Ted learned how to market and sell at Ziff-Davis in the 1980’s. At the time, there was no better or more respected sales force than Ziff-Davis with their sales structure training system honed over years of study, testing, and hand-crafting by the immortal Bill Ziff.


Ted has trained more than 100 salespeople in his career, offering a number of 10-week sales training courses while at Miller Freeman and has trained groups in the computer, electronics, music and other markets.



Exit Strategies


Ted has been on the operations side of buying, selling and integrating more than a dozen media businesses in his career and is available for consulting “CEO to CEO,” outside of the usual conversations with brokers, private equity and financing companies. Ted has experience and relationships with the major media broker companies in the field including Corporate Solutions, JEGI, Berkery Noyes, VSI, Petsky Prunier and others.


Researching and Preparing “Black Book” Offerings


Ted blends a fluid narrative writing style with in-depth analysis and answers to anticipated questions in writing compelling sales documents for you or your clients’ business. He has written dozens of business plans for start-ups, Black-Book-style business analyses for acquisitions, and the Black Book copy used to sell his own businesses. 


HR and People Structure Analysis


Ted has managed hundreds of people in divisions as large as 330 people and small groups of a half dozen in a variety of different industries and settings. Trained under the legendary Don Pazour, now CEO of Access Intelligence, Ted employed the lessons he learned to his own company, BZ Media, and employed more than a hundred people over the company’s 17-year life through downturns and good times. Get an outside view and learn best practices for your people structure and processes.

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